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How to make fried beans cake (Koose/Akara)

There are several varieties, but the Ghanaian Akara or Koose is usually made with peeled blended beans and spices and then deep-fried in vegetable oil. 


1 cup of Beans 

2 chilli peppers 

1 medium onion 

Salt to taste 

Vegetable Oil for frying 


Remove the beans coat. Then, at that point, absorb the beans water for 2 hours to make it delicate enough for your blender.

Cut the pepper and onions into beneficial sizes.

Grind the beans with your blender ensuring you add as little water as could be expected.

Set some vegetable oil on the cooker to warm up. The oil ought to be something like 3 inches down.

Put a portion of the ground beans into a mortar. This ought to be the amount you can sear in one go.

Mix the beans puree with the pestle in a consistent roundabout movement. You really want to apply some tension with the goal that you can empower the particles of the beans puree.

Continue to mix till the ground beans seem more white and you can see its particular smell and add some water.

Once the oil is hot, add the onions and pepper to the beans puree in a mortar. Stir well. Add salt to your taste and stir again.

To fry the Akara, scoop the mixture with a tablespoon and slowly pour this into the oil. Dipping the spoon a little bit into the oil helps reduce spatter.

Fry the underside till brown and flip to fry the top side too. Your Akara or Koose is ready.

Content created and supplied by: OhemaaLena2 (via Opera News )

Akara Beans Ghanaian Koose


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