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Keeping Hot Foods In Rubber Polyethene And Its Health Issue Will Amaze You - Details

Most Ghanaians in all regions of the country use plastic products and rubbers; food vendors primarily package their foods in polythene bags, and our mothers, sisters, and spouses are not exempt, as they rely on the same plastics and rubbers to store and serve our warm food at home and work.

Plastics have become ubiquitous in Ghana, which is unsurprising. Plastic goods have the benefits of being inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to use.

In a discussion with Madam Agatha Akoto, a Researcher at a credible herbal clinic in Accra, she disclosed to the general public the dangers of improper use of rubber and plastics, as well as the health risks associated with them.

Rubber, she claims, is made up of the organic halogen element Fluorine.

Fluorine is a gas that burns rapidly in a fire, much like every rubber product we use. She went on to say that rubber household items like ladles, plates, cups, spoons, buckets, and containers were designed specifically to keep cold food items like fruits and vegetables cold, which is why we see their images on them.

It was never designed to store warm foods like soup, banku, rice, or hot water because the Fluorine would leach into the food when it is warm or hot. It is therefore recommended that Ghanaian women and men refrain from wrapping hot Banku in rubber because the rubber becomes poisoned, resulting in serious health problems. Plantain leaves, on the other hand, can be used to seal the food.

By using rubber to store your warm foods warm, choose stainless steel and wooden items to store and cook them.

Fluorine use is linked to the following diseases:

·        Ulcer

·        Respiratory and lungs disorder

·        Liver failure

·        Kidney failure

·        Hepatitis

·        Heart failure

·        Cataract in eye

·        Cancer in all forms.

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