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Don’t Drink : FDA Says Ceres 100% Apple Drink Is Not Safe.

The Food and Drugs Authority(FDA) has ordered a total recall of Ceres 100% Juice from the Ghanaian market after making some disturbing findings about the fruit juice. The general public have been urged to return the product because a test conducted has revealed that the product contains a high level of Mycotoxin-patulin which is not safe for human consumption.

According to the FDA , it received information from the International Food Network (INFOSAN) that Pioneer Food Groceries, the South African manufacturers of the product that after extensive tests, they made the disturbing discovery. This has therefore made it necessary that the batch of product shipped into the country be withdrawn from the market.

The concern here is whether every Ghanaian would get to hear this information on time and not consume this product even though the FDA says it has been able to withdraw the greater part of the batch.

Another worry is the fact that the FDA as an institution could not detect this problem but had to be prompted. In other words, if the manufacturers had kept mute on this, the poor citizenry would have been exposed to this dangerous.

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