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3 Unfairly Criticized Ghanaian Foods: These Foods Are People's Favorite

There are kinds of food prepared in Ghana. 'Waakye, Fufu, Ampesi, Banku, Gari and Beans (Gob3), Jollof, Omo Tuo, Angwa Moo' among others.

However, some of these foods are being used to describe people or things considered worthless.

Usually, people verbally abuse others with such foods.

The three foods, Angwa Moo (an Akan word which translates as "oiled rice"), Banku and Gari and Beans are seen or heard by people in an argument and sometimes in conversations.

Angwa Moo (oiled rice) is unlike fried rice in which one cooks the rice before frying. Oiled rice is prepared by first frying the onion in oil, then adding water after the onions have browned. This will give the rice a different fragrance.

The rice is then cooked in the water-oil mixture to give the rice an oily feel when ready. It may be cooked with vegetables or salted beef, to add to your taste. It is mostly served with earthenware-ground pepper, with either tinned sardines or fried eggs complementing it.

Photo: (Angwa Moo with fried egg, tinned sardine, hot pepper and sliced onion in an earthenware bowl also known as 'Asanka').

How do people use Angwa Moo as an insult?

Basically, some people don't value Angwa Mo as food despite it being many people's favorite.

One can insult the other that he or she is as foolish as 'Angwa Moo'.

Banku is a slightly fermented cooked mixture of corn-dough and cassava-dough made into single serving balls.

It is preferred by the people of the Ewe people, the Fante and the Ga-Adangbe people. It is also eaten across other regions in Ghana.

Photo: Banku with Okro stew (wele, crab and tuna).

"Full Banku or Banku" is also one of the insults in Ghana. Normally, people refer fake things as Banku.

Gari and Beans is a type of dish made of staple foods in Ghana. It is usually common in the southern parts of Ghana. It has popular names like 'gob3, yo ke gari and even red red'

Gari and Beans is also used to describe things which are worthless to some people.

Photo: (Gari and Beans with fried plantain).

Majority of Ghanaians love Gari and Beans.

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