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Ultra powerful spiritual protection


This protects you against mystical enemies whatever their strength of misfortune.

Very simple and very effective


-Basil leaves

-red cola

Procedures :

At the will of this composition buy your cola and look for 7 basil leaves if you are a girl and 9 basil leaves if you are a boy then put these things somewhere and go to bed. The next day very early in the morning, between 5 am and 6 am, without saying a word to anyone; take off your shoes, rings, earrings. In fact, you remain naked as you were born.

Place these ingredients (leaf and cola) in front of you, on the ground, and eat each leaf according to gender, and bite into a little red cola each time you eat the leaf. Swallow it all and it's over.

Spiritual Effect :

The one who will try to bewitch you, will pick up all your misfortunes.

It's a powerful return to the sender . If you have any spiritual problem just WhatsApp zero five zero seven five ten eight seven eight

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