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Five Wierdest foods eaten in South Korea.

Varieties of foods are cherished by a type of citizens in which it's country originates. Today talk is on some delicious foods made by the South Koreans but very disgusting and unpleasant to eat by people.

The South Koreans have been known to try out new variety of foods , enriching their levels of their delicacies.

They eat foods like ,Live Octopus, Penis Fish almost like a spoonful fish,Blood Sausage, Blowfish soup,, Cooked Cow intestines and others.

Check out their preparation and consumption.

*Blood Sausage: It is a blend of cow and pig intestines ,adding rice veggies and noodles. Some black vanilla is added to eat for attractiveness. Shaped and designed in a easy package for handling.

*Horse Meat: Horse Meat is eaten with pleasure. For instance on any of festive occasion,or individual parties ,horse Meat is usually their preference.

*Penis Fish: This comes in a spoonful like fish . It is also an animal intestine in Korea

*Blowfish soup: Mostly this food is dangerous to the health of Koreans and also Japan. It highly has restrictions to chefs who want to prepare. Because of it's fluffy and fungu look, some Koreans wouldn't even dare to skip such food. It also their traditional food.

*Live Octopus: Live Octopus is also loved to be eaten by Koreans .They add some veggies for attractiveness.

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