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Learn How To Make Coconut Milkshake. It's Always Perfect For Anytime Of The Day

I am someone who doesn't like buying food. I prefer cooking it myself. I just have this mindset that very few food vendors have my health at heart, for most it's their profit. There are however a few exceptions who are really actually passionate about the health and satisfaction of their clients.

I also find it attractive when someone can make food out of any ingredient; creative people. Most of the data I buy goes into food research. There are times I get to make what I see and I'm filled with glee. Other times, well I prefer not to say because my eyes are already teary. Well you can say my addiction is cooking food. Want to know the saddest part of my addiction, I eat very small after making it.

Enough of me. Going straight to the point. I want to teach you a very quick easy to make recipe. It's suitable for anytime of the day;breakfast, lunch, supper or even branch. Want to know the best part of this recipe? You don't need to be a chef to be able to make it, it's cheap and a quick- fix too.

It's called the coconut milkshake. What do you need to make this? In this recipe you need coconut the hard one, non dairy milk powder, warm water, vanilla essence, sugar and condensed milk.

In a bowl of warm water, using your own discretion add the non dairy milk powder and stir. Add the condensed milk and stir as you do. Proceed to adding a teaspoon of the vanilla extract. Personally I don't add sugar because of the sugar in the condensed milk,but you can add it to suit your taste. Cover this, set it aside to cool. Wash your coconut and grate it into small pieces and mix it with your milk shake. Add as much coconut as you want to the milk shake.

Refrigerate and enjoy it chilled. It's so delicious and easy to make. Try it out today, anticipating your reply. Kindly like and share this with your family and friends. Do take care and stay out of trouble. Thank you for reading. Bye!

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