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How to make Ofam (Spicy Plantain Cake)

Ofam is bad a spicy ripe plantain cake.


2 ripe plantain (over-ripened)

½ medium-size red onion (shallot is a great option)

Tiny piece of Kpakposhito or scotch bonnet pepper (to your taste)

20g Fresh ginger (about thumb size or to your taste)

4 Cloves

1 Small Calabash Nutmeg

1 cup Self Raising Flour

1 Tsp Crayfish Powder or 1 Maggie shrimp

½ Tsp Salt

1 Tsp Baking Powder

1 - 3 Tbsp Palm Oil

Loaf tin


Set the stove to 200oC. Oil a portion container with palm oil. 

Strip and cut up the onion and ginger. Spot in a food processor or blender, customarily it is crushed in a stoneware mortar. In the event that you own a mortar and pestle it is smarter to utilize it as the flavor and surface you get from it is stunning. Add the scotch cap pepper and cloves and crush/mix the blend until smooth. 

Presently add the salt and Crayfish or Maggie shrimp to taste. 

Strip the plantains and cut them up into pieces. I have displayed beneath the various phases of readiness you can utilize, possibly one gives a decent outcome. Add to the onion combination and crush/mix together. In a perfect world, you need a knotty thick combination. Over mixing gives an exceptionally smooth runny blend. The stoneware mortar or a food processor is extraordinary to give a decent surface. 

Add the flour and blend well. 

Presently add the palm oil and mix in well. I utilized 2 tbsp of palm oil here. Be that as it may, you can decrease or expand it to 3tbsp. The palm oil makes the Ofam clammy. 

Add the preparing powder and blend until all around consolidated. 

Fill the pre-arranged portion tin. Spot it in the stove to prepare. 

At the point when it is completely prepared, a stick embedded into the cake will tell the truth. 

Eliminate from the broiler and let it cool down prior to eliminating from the portion tin. 

Serve the ofam with bubbled eggs and nuts.

Content created and supplied by: OhemaaLena2 (via Opera News )

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