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How to prepare light soup the Ghanaian way

Light soup is a Ghanaian soup that can be utilized to eat different food sources including Fufu, rice, kokonte, among others. It is extremely easy to cook and furthermore has different plans. However, here's the formula for light soup arranged the Ghanaian way. 

Fixings to utilize: 


Onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes 

Meat preparing 

Nursery eggs, Turkey berries (Kwahu nsusua) 



Pre-cooking prep: 

Wash, bubble and mix garden eggs, turkey berries, 1 onion bulb, green pepper, and tomatoes in a different pan. Sum to utilize will rely upon the measure of light soup to be ready. 

Mix garlic and ginger 

Slice meat to wanted sizes and wash altogether. 


Put cut and washed meat into a pot. 

Pour preparing onto the meat, add diced onions, mixed garlic and ginger, and salt and steam for around 5-10 minutes. Mix discontinuously. 

Add around 2-3 cups of water and permit the meat to cook somewhat more. 

Strainer mixed nursery eggs, turkey berries, onion and green pepper into the blend and bring to bubble. 

Following 10-15 minutes, add tomato glue and permit to bubble for around 10 additional minutes. 

Add salt to taste. Your light soup will be prepared in almost no time.

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