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Every lactating mother should read this; Ghanaian foods that aid in breastmilk production.

Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more. The first six months of a baby's life is very delicate and must be taken very seriously.In the olden days, There was higher rate of infant mortality because of nutrition. A lot of babies died from malnutrition. This case was more prevalence in poverty striken countries and countries that are more viable to war.

According to investigations,it was clear that,a lot of women stop breastfeeding because they didnt know what to eat to get breastmilk to feed their babies thereby introducing supplementary foods at the earlier stage.Research has proven that a lot of babies that feed on breastmilk exclusively for six months tend to have a higher cognitive level than babies who do otherwise.

This reason is why we need to teach our Ghanaian women the need to eat some foods to aid in the production of breastmilk .Foola,all soups with prekese,groundnut and palm nut soup,corn dough porridge and groundnut,Brukina,Mashed kenkey and groundnut, Yoghurt and Kontomire stew.

Mothers should also take note that,one secret of breastmilk production is continuous sucking.Even if there is nothing,the milk will come automatically. Thanks for reading.

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