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Pros and cons of the most known non-vegetarian foods


PROS: Beef protein is highly nutritious and may promote muscle maintenance and growth. Beef also contains varying amount of fat which contributes substantially to its energy content.

CONS: Red meat can be high in satu rated fats, saturated fats can clog arteries ,leading to health complications.

. Octopus

PROS: To prevent flu disease , andyou can consume octopus. Octopus can also prevent premature aging.

CONS: You should be careful while eating seafood . Doctors consultancy is needed for the people with health problems.

. Chicken

PROS: Chicken has phosphorus which can keep your bones and teeth healthy and prevent bone loss. Chicken contains 74% of the daily consumption of vitamin B3 for men and 84% for women.

CONS: There is a high cholesterol content in chicken meat even without its skin.


PROS: fish is high in heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids which can reduce inflammation, help protect your heart and stave of chronic disease.

CONS: Pregnant women and children should avoid larger fish with longer lifespans like swordfish and tuna because those can have high levels of toxins, such as mecury.


PROS: Duck fat contains linoleic acid,which is an important fatty acid. This acid is used by the body to maintain the health of cells. Also duck fat helps to lower the levels of blood cholesterol.

CONS: Having high cholesterol makes it more likely you will develop clogged arteries and heart diseases and suffer from a stroke or heart attack ,so stick within the recommended limits for saturated fat and cholesterol.

. Pork

PROS: Consuming pork can give you some benefits of maintaining bones health, osteoporosis preventing and growing you bigger when you are in growth ages. Pork also as such benefits to cure anaemia.

CONS : Pork has a very high fat content.They are far more predisposed to toxins,worms and diseases than most other animals.

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