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Question: What is the English name for the photo shown in the article?

Hi flawless adherents and all individuals out there.Thank you for clicking and perusing our article. 

My name is Boateng. I'm an instructor. I have been educating for right around four years. I generally attempt however much as could be expected to help my understudies. The vast majority of my understudies consistently come to me when they are experiencing issues.

One day I requested that my understudies return home and post for the English names of a portion of our nearby cooking tools. At the point when they came to class the following day, the greater part of them had the option to give me a portion of the English names of our nearby cooking tools. After I was finished with the days exercise, one of the understudies asked me the English name of one of our notable nearby cooking tool. At the point when he asked me that inquiry, I remained there for at some point and revealed to him that I will advise him in our next gatherings. 

So please brothers and sisters would anyone be able to assist me with the English name of the image underneath 

Kindly assistance me with the English name of the image previously mentioned. I would be happy in the event that anybody assist me with the English name of the image previously mentioned. What's more, God will reachly favor you for that since I need to offer the response to my understudies one week from now.

Kindly keep your remarks coming. Furthermore, share this article to any individual who may know the appropriate response.

Thank you

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