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Brain Shrinkage: We Are What We Eat

The quality of people's diet is related to the size of their hippocampus, a region of the brain responsible for memory. It's no doubt, that we now live in a fast-food world: the KFC, the McDonald's, you name it. Perhaps it's also no news to know that exercise is good for the body but how about our nutrition?

One thing is clear: Fast foods make us fat. But that's not all. Scientists reveal that fast food also shrinks our brains [atrophy = loss of brain cells], making us suffer memory loss.

But do you know, that pregnant women who eat fast foods turn to have children with aggression, anger, and tantrums than those who don't? Also, children's later diet is pivotal and proves that those who eat fast foods turn to have sadness, worry, and anxiety. In a nutshell, what we eat doesn't only have the potential to make us fat or shrink our brain but also affect our mental health.

The question is: we know fast foods ruin us but why can't we stop? Well, studies show that fast food lovers are more addicted to it than those on hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Luckily, I'm not yet lost in the fast-food world and hence always try to maintain the African standard of cooking and eating our local dishes. Though it takes a longer time to prepare, it's still worth it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, now that you know this, what would you do differently for yourselves? Hopefully, your answer would be: "I'll eat my food as my medicine then risk eating my medicine as my food."

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