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Mix Lemon juices with Black salt, and then add lukewarm water to it. Drink it to cure this.

Indigestion generally occurs when people eat in excess, so fast, or when they have eaten foods that do not stay well in the stomach – for instance, spicy foods. Digestive disorders, like ulcers, can cause indigestion also. Bile reflux and gastritis are also categorized as indigestion. Stress and worry can equally engineer the secretion of excess stomach acids. These acids give rise to hyperacidity; this implied that a pretty mild meal could still lead to indigestion. By and large, most cases of indigestion can be associated with improper eating habits – for example, eating excessively fast and swallowing air, which then leads to the trapped wind that can be very painful. Carbonated beverages or acidic beverages (like wine) can also create horrible episodes of bloating and indigestion.

Healthy Tips for Preventing Indigestion

Stay away from foods that you know cause trouble in the stomach. (This could be spicy foods, certain seafoods).

Consume several little meals all through instead of 1 or 2 enormous meals at a single sitting.

As much as you can, run away from fatty, oily foods or processed foods that are high in fat and salt content, such as fast foods.

Eat gradually and make sure you chew food well.

Do not drink carbonated drinks with your meal. It is recommended that you wait until 15 minutes after a meal before drinking the beverage – and even then, small sips are best.

Quit smoking in a natural way.

Ensure you relax and reduce stress.

Always allow your body to digest food! Do not get involved in any activity directly after a meal. Endeavor to eat at least an hour before or eat after engaging in sports or being physically active.

Herbal remedies

1. A spoon of Carom seeds and Black salt taken with hot water eliminates indigestion.

2. Taking salted Buttermilk daily helps to decrease indigestion.

3. Consuming a piece of Ginger after each meal helps to avert indigestion disorder.

4. Mix Lemon juice with Black salt, and then add lukewarm water to it. Drink it. It helps to cure indigestion.

5. Eating Garlic or Asafoetida (Hing) with meals also helps to eliminate indigestion.

6. Eating one Banana after each meal helps to rise above the indigestion problem.

7. White grapes should be consumed often. It helps to tackle indigestion.

8. Papaya is known to improve digestion and prevents indigestion. Make it a habit of eating it every day

9. Radish should be consumed with Salt and Black pepper along with meals. This also helps in curing indigestion.

10. Equal amounts of Cinnamon, Dried Ginger, and Cardamom should be powdered together. Taking a little of this powder helps in treating indigestion.

11. Orange and Black salt should be taken after meals, this brings relief from indigestion.

12. Whenever you are experiencing indigestion as a result of drinking milk. Add a Long pepper or Ginger piece or little Cumin seeds as you boil the milk.

13. Blend Mint juice and honey together. Drink this mixture every morning. It will help to get rid of indigestion.

14. Drumstick can be eaten in any form. It reduces indigestion.

15. Taking a spoon of honey helps to decrease indigestion.

16. Makoi leaves and fruits are excellently good for digestion. Eating them from time to time will assist to conquer indigestion.

17. Brinjal particularly the long one is appropriate for curing indigestion.

18. Gooseberry when consumed every day helps to hinder indigestion.

19. Aloe Vera juice helps to clear and resolve the "burning" sensation within the stomach. 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera juice should be diluted in 6 ounces of water. It should be taken up to three times per day. Use it in moderation; it can be a tough cathartic.

25. Gentian root is a bitter herb that has been used for ages throughout Europe to improve digestion, specifically of proteins and fats. Take 500 milligrams two times in a day, with meals.

26. Ginger is an outstanding digestive aid. It helps digestion, enhances absorption, and limit nausea. Take one or two 500-milligram capsules as required.

Note: Ordinary licorice can increase blood pressure, and should not be used on a day-to-day basis for more than five days in a straight.

28. Peppermint is an ancient herb that is very useful for all forms of indigestion. It promotes digestion, increases the ease with which the stomach is empty, and decreases flatulence. Take peppermint tea with meals.

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