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Never Do This Again When Cooking 'Abenkwan'

Abenkwan is a delicacy prepared from Palm nut s from the popular Palm tree. It is very tasty no wonder the Ashanti's say fufu and abenkwan. 

Most people prepare abenkwan using dried meat and roasted fishes but I swear to you that even if you use only stinking fish to prepare abenkwan. Well that was just by the way.

When cooking abenkwan you should make sure that you are ready for a little mess. When straining the elixir from the chaff you should be careful to strain it into a different container from the one you are making the soup in. This will ensure that when you strain it non of the fibre or the nuts will find its way into the the final soup.

You will be branded a bad cook if consumers find fibre and nuts in your abenkwan

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Abenkwan Palm


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