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Be Careful Of What You Consume: See How A Woman Intended To Sell Rotten Chicken To Consumers

Sometimes, a lot of people are careless about what they consume. This can be due to laziness, tiredness or something of that sort. Some people get very exhausted after a hard days work and cannot cook when they get home in the evening. When it happens like that, the only option left for them is to buy already prepared foods so they can eat when they get home. Due to the level of tiredness, some people do not get the chance to know if the foods they are eating are better cooked, spoilt or not.

When it comes to a meat like chicken meat, so many people consume chicken. During occasions such as parties, get together, funerals, and even weddings, chickens are the meats that are mostly added to the foods served. Some people also go to restaurants to eat foods with chicken as their source of protein or let's say fish.

The unexpected had happened as photos of rotten chicken Intended to be sold for consumption has hit the internet. The news is that fifteen (15) cartons of unwholesome chicken has been seized at Adakwame lorry station in Kumasi.

The rotten chicken was being transported by a lady by name Abiba who intended to either roast or smoke the chicken and sell it with the areas of Asuofua, Adakwame and Kejetia.

Abiba, after she was caught, led the Environmental Health Officers at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) to arrest the operator of the cold store at Asafo market. The two have been sent to the Ridge Police station for further investigations.

Have a look at some of the rotten chicken below;

Thus is a very serious and unacceptable incident. Just imagine if they were not caught by the environmental health officers. People would have gladly consumed these chicken meats since they wouldn't have any idea of what it really was. Let us be very careful of what we consume.

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