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Locally Produced Drinks We’ve Always Loved

Ghanaians, through the cultural aspect of food, have these famous drinks locally produced and usually served chilled and enjoyed by natives. These drinks have their unique taste, nutritional benefits and attractiveness. Here are some popular non-alcoholic locally produced drinks. 

We first of all take a look at the sobolo or bissap. This is prepared using hibiscus flower, ginger, cloves and fruit juice. We boil water for sometime and pour the hibiscus flowers into the boiling water. The flower is allowed to boil till the water turns to the colour of the flower. The water is drained out of the flowers since that is what will be used and not the flowers itself. Grounded ginger and cloves are added to the sieved water. After this any fruit juice and sugar is added to enhance flavour and taste. Pineapple juice is the widely used fruit juice. Most people like this drink because of its nutritional value of treating colds, regulation of blood pressure and stimulating appetite. It is usually served chilled.

Asana is a locally prepared drink, made from fermented crushed corn and caramelised sugar. The crushed corn is soaked for about three days and milled. After milling, it is also boiled on fire for sometime until the foam disappears. Then, caramelised sugar is added to the boiled corn dough which has by then become liquid. It is usually served chilled. Some people decide to add milk but it is still delicious without the milk. It can be complemented with bread to increase satisfaction. 

Another locally produced Ghanaian drink that has a unique taste is lamugin. It is prepared by soaking millet in water overnight. The water is drained and the millet is milled. After the milling or blending of millet, water is added to ginger and cloves to be blended as well. The blended ingredients are mixed and then sift to get lamugin. Sugar can be added at this stage. To most people, the taste of lamugin is almost the same as sobolo. 

Brukina is also a drink prepared with millet and fermented milk. The millet is soaked overnight, sieved out of the water and milled partially. The coarsely grinded millet is then poured into boiling water to make it softer. Upon softening, the millet is sieved once again then, fermented milk, or whole milk or milk powder can be added together with sugar. Most vendors usually keep it chilled by pouring ice cubes on the bottled brukina. 

Lastly mashed kenkey is another locally prepared drink that has its own ideal and irresistible taste. Mashed kenkey is the easiest to prepare Ghanaian drink. It can even be prepared by some children and teens. Mashed kenkey can be prepared either by using the Ga kenkey or the fante kenkey. The fante kenkey is the commonly used ingredient. All you have to do is blend the kenkey into thick liquid and add sugar and milk to taste. Most people believe that regular intake of mashed kenkey helps in weight gain. This is something that is very true. 

In conclusion, these are Ghanaians 'locally produced drinks that can easily be prepared at every Ghanaian home and are also easily available in almost every market. 

By: Grace Opoku

Content created and supplied by: DemPolice (via Opera News )


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