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5 Locally Ghanaian Breakfast Dishes That Will Make Your Day.

Breakfast is considered better if the diet is light, but this is not the case in Ghana. We don't live by a diet like that. We just know that we eat in the morning, that's all. What is eaten for breakfast depends on personal preference. Unlike the elite houses, where they follow the rule of eating snacks in the morning, most Ghanaians eat almost anything and everyone else in the morning.


1. Waakye

Waakye is an institution on its own. The taste of the food hits differently when it's sold by an Amalia near a gutter and served in that green leaves. You'll chew your hands . For some it's a sleeping tablet for them because it induces their sleep.

2. Gari And Beans.

It's a religion on it's own. In fact it's a calling to be addicted to eating Gari and beans. It has many romantic names. "Red Red,Gɔbɛ,Adua ne Gari and Ga beans."

Any boarding house guy knows the relevance of this food. The taste is different when it's sold by Daavi.In fact this food gives long life. I'm sure by now most of you have finished taking some. It's a food of sustainability.

3 Banku And Tilapia

Banku and tilapia is a traditional Ghanaian dish. It's spicy and yummy.

Banku Ingredients: Corn dough, Cassava dough, Salt water.

As for the pepper, if you dont know how to grind or blend," Enjoy wae na nipa nso yɛ deɛn.🤣"

4 .Tea and Bread

In the house of the Rich and those who want burn their stomach and reduce belly fat this is good for them, but come to we hustling people like those in construction jobs and hard labour jobs this is not their choice.


Konkonte is a Ghanaian dish usually eaten with a soups made from palm nut or groundnuts. 

It is a simple dish made from dried and pounded Cassava. In Ghana the dish is locally prepared by all the major tribes. 

Konkonte is also known by many as abitie (abetee), lapiiwa, lapelawa or face the wall. 

The appearance of Konkonte depends on the type of cassava used and to what extent it has been dried. It generally looks brownish in color but can also be chocolate-brown.

This meal can make you sweat,very appetizing and only for the brave hearts.

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