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Akple With Okro Stew: A Delicious Ghanaian Local Meal

When we wish to have a discussion about Indigenous Ghanaian meals, everyone would agree that the conversation would be incomplete without making reference to "Akple and Fetri Detshi" as it is affectionately called by locals.

The meal made from dried cornflour is indigenous to the people of the Volta Region but enjoyed by almost every Ghanaian.

The making of "Akple" is somewhat very simple as it only requires the mixture of the cornflour with a good amount of water. The mixture is then placed over a source of heat and stirred continuously and evenly unlit a hardening of the mixture is achieved.

The okra Soup on the other hand is systematically composed over a source of heat with ingredients in this order: Red Oil, some onions, ginger, bell pepper, assorted meat/fish and crabs, and the okra fruit(Okra is biologically classified as a fruit, even though generally used as a vegetable).

The meal is normally served hot with some chilled water! Mouth watery right?

I'm glad you enjoyed reading this piece!

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Akple Fetri Detshi Ghanaian Indigenous Okro Stew


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