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Looking to start a food business? Check out Ghana's most sold foods across the country

Ghana is a very diverse countries that has a lot of different cultures here which are accepted by many if not all Ghanaians. In every area of life there are different cultures. In terms of food there are many foods here that are sold all over from different cultures. Some of these foods emanate from the southern,northern,Eastern or cultures from the Middle belt of the country.

Some of these foods are sold specifically in the morning or evening while some are sold at anytime of the day. Some of these foods can be very difficult to prepare at home so are mostly sold by food vendors.

Some of these foods are very marketable since a lot of Ghanaians are very used to it already and will readily consume it if sold at any place. These foods have become profit making ventures which has brought a lot of money to some food vendors.

The following are foods that are very marketable and already a part of the Ghanaian culture:

1. Waakye

Waakye is a traditional dish made from beans,rice and sorghum leaves. This is usually complimented with stew,shito,spaghetti and any other protein available to you. This food is sold in almost every area in Ghana it is one of the most consumed foods in Ghana. Selling waakye will be a good choice for any food business.

2. Kenkey

Kenkey is a traditional Ghanaian meal which is usually sold at night however some traders sell it in the morning. It is made from maize which usually goes through some fermentation before its cooked. Kenkey is usually accompanied with pepper,stew or soup of any kind with any other protein.

3. Millet Porridge

Millet Porridge popularly known as hausa koko is one of the most sold foods in Ghana. It is the ideal breakfast choice for most Ghanaians. It is normally eaten with bean cake popularly known as koose or bread.

4. Fufu

One of the most popular foods in Ghana across all tribes is fufu. Fufu is sold in a lot of local restaurants usually accompanied with all kinds of soups and meat. It's prepared with plantain and cassava. Some people also use cocoyam or yam. Some Ghanaians call it the Sunday food.

5.Beans and Plantain

Beans is one of the most loved foods in Ghana usually eaten during afternoons. Beans is eaten with palm oil or vegetable oil with plantain or any other protein. It does not cost much so a lot of Ghanaians prefer it to other foods.

These foods are very marketable and will be easily bought by the average Ghanaian and any other Ghanaian.

Content created and supplied by: KofiSass (via Opera News )

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