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How to prepare assorted fried rice

Brief About Assorted Fried Rice Assorted fried rice is a combination of fried rice and different things like various vegetables and meat, chicken, sausage...

Ingredients for assorted fried rice

2 cups of long grain rice

Carrot (1)

Spring onions (2)

Eggs (3)

Green bell pepper (1)

Green peas


Sausage (3)

Chicken breast

Vegetable oil

Soy sauce

Steps to prepare assorted fried rice

Wash rice a cook rice ablaze for about 60 minutes. 

Cleave carrots, spring onions, green ringer pepper, cucumber and hotdog onto a plate. 

Cut chicken bosom into slight strips and wash with lemon and water and put away. 

Zest the chicken with salt, pepper and a little curry powder. 

Break eggs into a little bowl and mix. 

At the point when rice is prepared eliminate from fire. 

Put skillet ablaze and empty a little oil into it. 

Put the flavored cut chicken into the oil and fry till it tans or turns out to be delicate and cooked. 

Add beaten eggs, the vegetables and hotdog and fry for some time. 

Add a portion of the cooked rice and mix with the vegetables together. 

Add some soy sauce and mix till it blends well. 

Allow it to broil for some time as you continue to mix and eliminate from fire. 

Serve onto a plate.

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