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Husband and wife relationship

What Is For Lunch, Choose And Enjoy

What is for lunch this afternoon. There are a variety of dishes to choose from. It ranges from all the delicacies in the country, from fufu to rice. In between the two are banku diehuo, emotuo Konkonte, and even gari.

Because it is Sunday I have compiled photos of different foods that need to go in to our bellies as a people. 

Check out the following different photos of foods and it will let you crave for more. 

As a matter of fact you can use this photos to talk to your wife or husband. Let them make their choice and prepare it for them as much as possible. They will enjoy it.

What do you think of this diehuo, will It not be sweet if the whole family gathers to eat it. 

We are Ghanaians let us come together to enjoy this Sunday afternoon.

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What Is For Lunch


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