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For Ghana, Fufu Is The National Dish

Fufu is Ghana's national food, a starchy side dish that goes well with stews and other sauce-based dishes. It's also quite popular in West and Central Africa, where it's consumed on a regular basis.


Fufu is a tough dish to create, requiring pounding cassava and unripe plantains with a large wooden rod and mashing them while adding water. It normally takes two persons to create it because it needs to be vigorously churned - one hammering it and the other pushing it about in between. After the mixture has been smoothed out, it is formed into little balls and thrown in a stew or soup with meat.


An indentation is formed in the ball, similar to the Tanzanian ugali, and fufu is used as a spoon to scoop up the sauce. The texture is sticky and elastic, and the flavor is bland; nevertheless, dipping fufu into a stew imparts a peppery flavor that is vaguely evocative of peanuts. Just remember not to eat with your left hand, as this is regarded exceedingly impolite in many regions of Africa because the left hand is used for toileting. 

All of you are blessed by God.

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