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What Will Happen To Me If I Eat Canned Foods Everyday

Canned Foods tend to serve purpose of convenience and are already processed. There are several people who hardly take fresh foods.

A colleague at church told me of how he has become extremely used to eating from canned foods as he does not have time to cook from the scratch.

" You know me well enough, don't you. I have no time to get food stuffs from the local market. I always go to the nearby mall for my canned fish,canned tomatoes, canned drinks , amongst others."

"I do not have time to flake fish or grind tomatoes. It saves time to eat canned foods. It is the same nutrients such as carbohydrates,proteins, vitamins ,minerals and calcium that are put together and preserved in the can".

Research has shown that more heat goes into processing canned foods and this may lead to the loss of vitamins A and C.

Other researchers believe that taking canned foods on daily basis can expose an individual to cardiovascular diseases and other illnesses.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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