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Check out the advantages of natural spices over artificial spices.

Natural spices such as onions, dawadawa, pepper, prekese, pepper, ginger, tomatoes and garlic are very healthy spices than the artificial spices made with chemicals. Such artificial spices although seasons the food but cause harm to the body at the long run. Here are some importance of natural spices over the artificial ones.

1. Reduces the risk of sore throat.

A typical natural spice that aids protect the throat against sore is ginger and pepper. The hot burning characteristics aids this function.

2. Add good taste to food.

Another importance we gain from natural spices is that they add taste to the food we eat, thus making it sweet, peppery or spicy- whatever way we want it to be. Artificial spices also do add good taste to food but cause a lot of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure when consumed in high amount.

3. They garnish foods.

Vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce although are included in cooking, they are sometimes used to garnish food for attraction. In contrast, artificial spices can lead to obesity.

4. Rich in vitamins.

Vitamin is a very vital nutrient needed by the body to aid digestion and protect the body against diseases. Unlike natural spices, artificial spices only changes the colour and add taste to foods but cause harm to the body at the end.

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