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Cameroon is the largest producer of plantain in the whole world.

In most places in America, Asia and Africa, plantains are among the most important staple food. Plantain can be enjoyed in many different ways. They can be cooked, boiled, fried or even baked.

Many countries in Africa are in to the growing of plantains. However, the African country that grows it most is Cameroon. Cameroon is the world's largest producer of plantains. The country produces 4.31 million tons of plantains annually. They are able to cultivate this amount of plantain because the government provide the farmers the needed support.

The people of Ghana also produce plantains in larger quantities. Though they export some of their produce, majority of them are consumed locally. The most popular local food in Ghana called Fufu is prepared using plantain and Cassava. You can also share your experiences on the type of dishes you prepare with your plantains. Have a great time and stay safe.


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