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How to prepare Aprapransa.

Aprapransa is a local dish of the Ga prepared by roasted corn flour and palm nut soup or left over palm nut soup. In this modern day our youth don't know how to prepare Aprapransa, so am going to write the ingredients used in preparing and how to prepare Aprapransa.

Ingredients used in preparing Aprapransa are, two cups of roasted corn flour, one serving spoonful palm oil, one medium sized onion, two medium sized tomatoes, salted fish(optional), one small piece smoked fish, one half beans(optional) and pepper and salt to taste.

Now we are down with the ingredients be let's come down to how to prepare this local dish.

Get dry maize and fry dry in pot until it's turn brown.

Allow it's to cool by removing the heat. Pour it into a clean container to be milled or blend until it is as smooth as possible. Your cornmeal is ready.

Put on fire your leftover palm nut soup until it is hot. Turn down the heat to a simmer and scoop some into another saucepan on fire. Do not turn off the heat.

Place the second saucepan on fire and gradually add your cornmeal whilst stirring and kneading. Keep adding your cornmeal until you reach the quantity of Aprapransa that you want. Now knead until it's smooth texture has come.

Don't forget to add some soup if your Aprapransa is too tick and heavy.

Add some kidney beans and crabs and stire on if you want.

Now, your Aprapransa is ready to be served.

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