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The Healthiest Snack For You- Eat More Of It

Every now and then we are cautioned regarding the intake of certain foods, " You are what you eat"_ they say. Well, it does seem very difficult to let go of some habits, take for instance trying to put a stop to a habitual consumption of pizza, hamburgers and cold beverages. Taking them feels so good that it is virtually impossible to let go, no doubt about that_ but what do you say about substituting one snack for another. Yeah, something more healthy and less harmful to the body. There is actually a snack that according to research is the healthiest one for our consumption_ it helps build our bones and muscle tissues, aids digestion and is very good for the teeth. You sure see it around all the time and is very cheap to come by as well_ this snack is none other than what we all call " Popcorn". Wasn't expecting this I guess, well it's a fact and one you should do well to let others know of. See you in my next article.

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