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List of staple foods of the Ewe in the Volta region and how to prepare them.

The main dishes of this region are "Akple" with okro soup or stew, fufu with palm nut soup, Abolo with shrimps and "one man thousand" banku with okro stew or pepper, red-red or beans stew and fried plantains.

Ingredients for preparing "Akple" are:

* Corn flour.

* Cassava dough (optional)

* Water.

* Salt.

How to prepare "Akple"

Akple is a dish popularly eaten by the people of the Volta region in Ghana.

It is a carbohydrate based food made from corn flour.

1. Heart water to boil.

2. Add the corn flour and stir to mix.

3. Continue to stir until it becomes even and semi-solid.

4. Roll it into balls.

"Akple" is often rolled into round balls.

It's normally eaten with okro soup or stew, grounded pepper, light soup, palm nut soup and groundnut soup.

It contains a lot of carbohydrates therefore gives the body energy for normal functioning.

Akple is enjoyable when eaten hot.

It's usually taken with okro soup known as "Fetri Detsi" among the Ewes.

2. Abolo or Able is a gluten free sweet and slightly sour, steamed dumpling which popular among the Ewes of Ghana, Togo, Benin and Cote d'Ivoire.

Abolo is ground, soaked corn flour that is steamed or baked on leaves.

It is prepared by adding sugar and water to grounded corn to form a dough.

The dough is allowed to rise before it is wrapped in cornhusks and grilled, steamed or baked.

Abolo is taking with shrimps or "one man thousand" or friend fish.

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