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Most Peopke Find It Difficult To Choose What To Eat At Night when Hungry, Here Are Some Tips To Help

Feeling hungry at night is one of the common things which a lot of people face. Normally it is a common thing that occurs for a lot of people as it has become their normal habit.

This is why you need to prepare for this even before midnight to avoid excess intake of unhealthy foods at midnight. In this article, I am going to be talking about 3 foods you should consume when you feel hungry at night.

Banana covered with almond butter

Banana is a very common fruit that could be found in almost every part of the country. It serves as an amazing food to enjoy at night. Studies show that a good amount of banana added to almond butter could play an important role in increasing Melatonin levels in the body thereby promoting better good night's sleep.

Almond could be easily found in most fruit markets and it is very nutritious to the body as well.

A protein smoothie

A protein smoothie could be a milk-based smoothie. It supplies protein for muscle repair and tryptophan which is used to make sleep-promoting chemicals. Also, a protein-calorie of low-fat milk with pineapples contains a relatively low amount of calories but lots of nutrients.

Crackers and cheese

A combo of protein from cheese and carbs from crackers helps in supporting steady blood sugar levels. It also helps in the production of sale sleep-supportive chemicals which help in promoting better sleep.

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Banana Peopke


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