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How Many Times Should You Eat Eggs In A Week

The Average number of people in this world that consumes egg, is almost the entire population. There isn't any one who opposes the likes of egg as it is liked by everyone. But unfortunately though, some can not eat egg as they may be allergic to it, also certain health conditions may leave a person unable to consume them.

Nonetheless most of the entire population consume egg almost everyday. Though one could say that the rate at which people are eating egg, is unbecoming and too much. So much that a person will eat more than 5 eggs a day. There is just no limit to it, but don't get the wrong idea that egg is bad for the health nor good either.

All egg lovers should know this that, consuming eggs 7 times a week is much wiser than overdoing it. The yolk itself contains cholesterol which accumulates as fat in the body, and too much could lead to obesity. Limiting oneself to only seven eggs a week is best to keeping your health in check and is wiser.

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