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7 Favorite Ghanaian Food Varieties You Should Try When Visit Ghana

One must travel a long way from his country our ethnic group to taste, learn and experience how unique kinds of food sources are prepared and enjoyed by some group of people across the globe. 

Conventional Ghanaian food is encapsulated by the dissemination of food crops. With the obviousness of tropical produce like corn, beans, millet, plantains, and cassava which most ethnic groups creatively use these staples to make appetizing dishes for their food. 

Below are a couple of dishes to familiarize you with the degree of close by Ghanaian food. 

1. Banku With Hot Pepper and Tilapia 

Banku With Hot Pepper and Tilapia is a delicacy appreciated among Ghanaians particularly individuals of the Volta District. Although it very well may be taken for certain different commendations, for example, Okra soup, Palm-nut soup, or Groundnut soup, most favored it to hot pepper. 

Banku is produced using a combination of Cassava batter and fermented corn dough. It will be intriguing on the off chance that you visit Ghana to perceive how it's been ready. 

2. Fufu With Light Soup And Goat Meat 

Amazing, another delicacy among Ghanaians and it's quite possibly the most appreciated dish in Ghana. Fufu is generally taken in the Akan homes. 

On the off chance that an Akan gets ready Fufu with Light Soup for you, the fragrance of the soup just would cause you to return to Ghana constantly. 

Fufu is prepared by pounding boiled cassava and it tends to be taken with various soups and meat yet it's always better with light soup with Goat Meat. 

3. Kenkey With Hot Pepper And Fried Fish 

Kenkey is additionally perhaps the most appreciated food. Kenkey is a corn-based staple prepared by molding fermented corn dough into balls that are wrapped into a corn leaf and boil for some minutes. Kenkey can be appreciated with Hot Pepper, fried fish, fried octopus, or fried crab. 

With regards to Kenkey in Ghana, nothing of Corn goes squandered all aspects of it are crucial in making Kenkey. 

4. Hausa Koko And Koose 

Koko is another staple produced using cereals for the most part from Millet dough and it's taken by most Ghanaians as breakfast. 

Koko as named in Ghana can be complemented with Koose which is also prepared from beans. Even though some likewise appreciated it with bread, it's in every case better with Koose.

5. Boiled Yam or Plantain with Kontomire Stew 

How this delicacy is well dished and served by Ghanaians, looks exceptionally lovely that one can't avoid its aroma or eating it. This delicacy is ready with an assortment of spices, herbs, or Leaf vegetables. 

The Kontomire stew is ready from Cocoyam leaves which is extremely nutritious for bodybuilding. It's presented with either boiled Yam or Plantain with boiled eggs, salted fish. 

6. Ghana Jollof 

Jollof is begun from Senegal yet Ghanaians have their unique way of preparing it and this has sparked a great deal of discussion among Ghanaians and Nigerians to realize who's Jollof taste good too. Notwithstanding, I will not judge until you visit Ghana to have a full taste of it. 

This a delicacy arranged from a pot of rice and a tomatoes sauce when cooked becomes orange in color and it's normally served with fried meat or fish. It very well may be found in restaurants and nearby food vendors in the city of Ghanaian. 

7. Omo Tuo 

On the off chance that you come to Ghana and you never tasted any of our foods, you ought to attempt the Omo Tuo (Rice Balls) which is prepared using boiled rice that is molded into balls and it's regularly served with Groundnut soup. 


Every one of these Ghanaian dishes is extremely flavorful and nutritious for bodybuilding. These mouth-watering dishes we can say with 100% sure that you will appreciate them and consistently return to have a taste of them. However, these are not all dishes enjoyed by Ghanaians. Visit Ghana and have a feel of our delicacy.

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Banku Ghanaian Hot Pepper Tilapia


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