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You Need Counseling If You Do The Following Four Things.

You need counseling if you do the following things;

1. Eating Jollof with stew: In actual sense, jollof is more or less like the combination of rice and stew. So how on earth can you eat Jollof with stew. Anyone who does this combination needs to be counselled. Perhaps he or she has some problems at home.

2.Adding salt to ripe plantain: Ripe plantain is demanded or has a high demand because it is right and of course sweet. So why then do you have to add salt to ripe plantain when you are cooking or roasting it? If it were to be literature, it would be termed as tautology. Salt and sugar can never meet.Period.

3.Gari and beans with egg and fish: What at all on this earth do you need for eating this combination? In my opinion, this is a suicidal food combination. You might think you are eating it to show that you are rich but rather you are killing yourself.

4.Telling a friend not spread a secret: That piece of information cease to become a secret when you told your friend. You should rather tell your friend not to spread that information.

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