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Are You Tired Of Taking The Same Old Drinks? Check Out This Yummy Drink.

Everyone likes food and there's no two ways about that,even though some of us will deny it. Those people later call those who proudly let the world know their true colours gluttonous. Meanwhile such people(gluttonous) eat everything at a go in everyone's presence. The others on the other hand eat in bits and sometimes hide to eat as if it's a crime to eat. Make the mistake of calling them gluttonous and you'll spend the rest of your day listening to explanations as to why they're not gluttonous.

Accept it or not we all can't do without food. At the same time too we can't always be eating the same food be it our favourite or not. Even our bodies oppose it sometimes by craving for other foods.

Here's a drink I can bet my last dime on that you will love . It's simple, it's delicious and it's very very very addictive trust me.

Oreos, whipped cream, water and low fat milk are all you need. Just blend them together. You've sweet teeth? Add ice and blend don't dilute it with any water. You could even add milo to it, but please note that it's very very addictive.

So there you go folks. Please be sure to not lick the cup when you transfer it into it. Kindly like, let me know your thoughts and share with your family and friends. Do stay safe and see you next time. Bye

Content created and supplied by: Mandeiya (via Opera News )

Yummy Drink


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