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Check Out Effective Local Herbs For Typhoid

Ingredients to be given for the preparation of Typhoid herb:

1. Mango Leaf

2. lemongrass

3. Dry claw leaves

4. Aromatic leaves

5. Lime

6. Cloves

7. Fermented Corn Water

How to Prepare Yoruba Herbs for Typhoid:

• Collect all ingredients in a pot and wash thoroughly.

• Slice the limes (without removing the juice) and add them to the pot.

• Pour the fermented corn water into the pot

Cook for at least 45 minutes

How to use Typhoid herb?

After preparation, let the concoction cool, then drink twice a day, 30 minutes after meals, until the typhoid is gone.

Tips: Always drink plenty of water when treating typhus. It can also support the recovery process.

Conclusion on typhoid herb

If you are the type of person who always treats typhus from time to time then you need this Yoruba herb for typhus to cleanse your system and cure typhus completely. To get the most out of the Yoruba herb known as Agbo Iba or Agbo Typhoid, be sure to follow all the instructions given. Keep in mind that this herb helps with antibiotics. Please don't stop taking antibiotics.

Content created and supplied by: Writer_Akiola (via Opera News )

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