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How to make the perfect Prawns and Lobster Okro/Okra stew

This stacked Okro soup is a staple in some West African nations including Ghana. 

Okro/Okra stew is so flavorfully fulfilling and nutritious and is stacked with proteins and solid fat. 


2 tablespoons reasonably sourced red palm organic product oil 

1 earthy colored onion 

2 ready tomatoes, cleaved 

2 cloves of garlic 

1 inch of ginger 

1 scotch cap or habanero pepper 

400g new okra units (40 cases) 

200g huge prawns (large, lord) 

200g squid rings 

300g white tissue fish filets (tilapia, bream) 

250mls chicken or fish stock 

2 lobster tails (discretionary) 

Spring onions for embellishing 


Cleave the onion then, at that point fry it in the oil on medium warmth until caramelized. 

Add the tomatoes, garlic, pepper and ginger to the pot and mix. In the event that you like, you might liquidize the tomatoes with the ginger, garlic and a little part of the onion together, then, at that point add to the pot. Permit cooking until the tomatoes diminish. 

Cleave the okra cases by cutting them across to make round pieces. These ought to be about a third to a large portion of a centimeter thick. Add the okra to the pot, trailed by the prawns, squid and fish. Top up with the stock and mix. Decrease the warmth and permit to stew for 5 to 10 minutes or until the okra is simply delicate. 

Assuming you need to make this dish extra great and have the spending plan for it, get the lobster tails and spot them into a preparing plate. Spot them onto a plate, tissue side up. Spot a teaspoon of spread on each tail, then, at that point prepare in a preheated stove at 220 degrees Celsius (or 200 for a fan-constrained broiler). 

Spot the okra stew into a serving dish, embellish with the spring onions then, at that point top up with the lobster tails.

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