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Delicious traditional foods in Ghana

Most often , we thought of how cultures through the kind of food we eat makes us different from other countries and people as well. Ghana with it beautiful nature and cultures also gives us some pleasant, tasty and aromatic traditional food

Today we are going to take a look at some few delicious Ghanaian traditional food which others countries like it most and prefers to eat it nowadays often and as many times.

Traditional food, the country Ghana has in it store ,when given a little will make you feel happy and excited, is what is being presented in this article . Ghanaian traditional foods made contains more enriched nutrient which support human growth as well as also amounting a greater strength to oneself.

Now let's begin with the first food titled ASANTE FUFUO with SOUP be it kind of groundnut soup ,palm nut soup , and popular known one called "abunoabuno" with is made from cocoyam leaves and other ingredients.

The next to discover, is one of the Ghanaian traditional food known as " eto" which may be made by Yam, ripe Plantain or Cocoyam. This traditional food reminds me of one Ghanaian puberty rite which normally uses such food to perform. This food is normally eaten with boiled egg or eggs and sometimes groundnut( Fried).

The next to discover is what is called enuhuu or mpeehuu. This food is not normally eat in Ghana but guess what, evidence from great elders ( grandparents) and well as me considering my first time of eating , testify that it is very delicious and tasty. It is made by chopping cocoyam into pieces which is boiled , palm nut soup and normally some fishes or must to be included. This food when cooked comes with aromatic flavor and gives more energy when taken in


In addition, one of the traditional foods eaten in Ghana is called ampesie. This is really one of the most Ghanaian traditional food normally eaten by people who dislikes Fufu.

The last to come with named Banku with other ingredient like pepper and fry fish, palm nut soup, groundnut soup and many more soups. This food has more energy giving capabilities as attested by different people . It is one of the traditional food eaten mostly in Ghana .

This are some of the delicious food eaten in Ghana which we are proud of and being cherished by some other countries.

Content created and supplied by: Derrrydan (via Opera News )

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