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Risk Of Becoming Obese; You Will Never Skip Meals To Lose Weight After Reading This

It may sound practical and reasonable that someone decides to skip their meals in order to shed off a few pounds. In fact, this is practiced by many people. However, skipping meals in itself doesn't in actuality help a person lose weight, it even has a higher tendency of making a person gain excess weight. In the case of fasting, where a person abstains from eating food for spiritual reasons, not gaining weight may be fair enough. But when you skip meals for no particular reason, it increases your risk of obesity. Here's why.

Food is a necessity for the continuity of life and life's activities. It is therefore no surprise that we can't do without food for several days, depending on the individual. When you skip meals, your metabolism rate is lowered as the energy required for it, which is gotten from food is reduced. This reduction in metabolism rate makes it easier for you to gain weight or makes it more difficult for you to lose weight.

Also, skipping meals can cause your body to release a number of hormones that increases your crave for food. This means when you take your next meal after skipping a meal, you're more likely to overeat and this can cause you to gain weight when it becomes a habit.

The cravings which comes about as a result of skipping meals, can cause you to resort to eating junk food which have a higher level of calorie contents and can cause excessive and unhealthy weight gain.

Well enough, there can be a way out of not gaining excess weight when you frequently skip meals but it requires a great deal of discipline. After skipping meals, the cravings for food by your body increases above normal levels. It requires discipline not to succumb to these cravings. If you feel you need to eat a lot, stick to eating as much fruits and vegetables that will make you feel satisfied enough. Fruits and vegetables contains lots of fibre which increases your body's metabolic rate and hence assists in weight loss. Additionally, many fruits and vegetables contains very low amounts of calories (calories to contribute to weight gain).

There's also the issue of developing stomach ulcers, which can be a really dangerous effect of skipping meals. When you skip meals, in the times during which you're not eating, the stomach may continue to produce hydrochloric acid (Hcl), especially when you smell food around you. This Hcl when produced in excess has an "eroding" effect on the walls of the stomach and can cause stomach ulcers.

Stomach ulcers can be very painful and can even become a medical emergency. It should therefore be avoided and if present, properly managed to avoid its worsening.

If you're looking for a way to lose weight, skipping meals shouldn't be an option as it can cause you to gain even more weight.

For weight loss, it is much better to resort to exercising, diet or a healthy and efficient way rather than meal skipping.

So the next time you consider skipping your meals to lose some weight, just remember how inefficient and even worsening this can get.

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Thanks for reading, stay safe.

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