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Foods That Can Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Five foods that can naturally whiten your teeth. Please hit the follow button at the top right corner to receive my daily new articles, also like and share this article.

1. Carrot.

Chewing on these rabbit favorites raw will increase the amount of saliva in your mouth, cleaning it further. The vitamin A in carrots is good, not just for your eyesight, but helps strengthen tooth enamel as well.

2. Apple.

Apples also contain high levels of malic acid. The act of biting and chewing on this crunchy fruit gently scrubs away debris, stains and bacteria from your mouth for celery, say, good bye to tooth stains as you snack on that piece of celery during your break. The fiber cellulose acts as a natural toothbrush, while the high water content stimulates saliva production, your natural mouth cleanser.

3. Strawberry.

Malic acid is a natural, stringent that acts as a bleaching agent. It is present in most commercially available tooth whitening products. Strawberries are filled with this key ingredient, which will widen your teeth naturally. The vitamin c and strawberries also aid in removing platforms.

5. Oil.

Sesame oil or virgin coconut oil, or more specifically, oil pulling is when oil is used for gargling. Coconut oil is swished around inside the mouth and then sped out after fifteen minutes, as the substance is vigorously pulled back and forth between your teeth, the mucus membranes inside your mouth absorb nutrients from it.

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