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Prepare Your Wheat Porridge With This Recipe And Your Family Will Beg For More.

Variety they say is the spice of life. Repeating the same old things makes life boring. Explore and find out new things. Satisfy your curiously.

Who knows your exploration will lead to the birth of something.

In the cooking there are endless recipes. I'd say it's impossible to know every recipe there's. It's simply because cooking is something everyone does in a personalized way. Even when two people use the same recipe, the taste usually differ. That's to tell you everyone's cooking is unique.

Most of us don't explore in cooking. It's usually for the fear of producing something inedible. Well, if you're the type, worry not. I'll be giving you tried and tested recipes to try for yourself.

Today I'll be giving you a quick breakfast recipe. It's simple and delicious.

You just need,water, wheat, cinnamon, salt, milk, sugar /date syprup or any syprup of choice/honey.

In a saucepan of boiling water, add your wheat. Make sure the wheat is submerged in the water. Add about a teaspoonful of cinnamon powder and enough salt to taste. Cover the pan and allow to boil. Cook until the wheat is soft.

Dish the wheat into a bowl, add milk to your preference. You can add sugar or syprup or even honey to sweeten it. This breakfast is nicer with a special kind toasted bread. I'll save that for another day. You can however top the porridge with dried nuts, apple or even coconut to make it nicer

So there you've it folks, a simple quick fix for breakfast with a little twist. Will you try this? Do let me know. Please like and share this but don't forget to follow me as well. Thank you for reading. Take care, bye!!

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