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Did You Know You Can Make Pancakes Using Bread? Find Out How.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The type of breakfast eaten varies globally and in Ghana it varies from each household.

For some breakfast should be something light like tea,beverages or porridges. Others prefer going heavy as per the Chinese saying ''eat like a king in the morning''.

Usually people who go in for light breakfast, do so to save time. In you're in this group you shouldn't always be taking raw bread for breakfast. How about I show you a quick recipe. Trust me you'll love, but try not to get addicted.

In this recipe you'll need half a loaf of bread, two eggs, water, vanilla and evaporated milk.

Here goes the recipe but you can experiment with it and please don't forget to share your reviews with me here.

Cut the bread into bite sizes, and put it in your blender. Crack your eggs and add it to your bread. Add enough evaporated milk to suit your taste. Add a teaspoon of vanilla and a little bit of water. Blender all your ingredients together until you achieve a not too thick or light smooth consistency.

Oil your pre heated frying pan, pour in your mixture and fry until a golden brown consistency is achieved. Fry in batches until you've fried everything.

Why don't you give it a try today. Thank you for reading. See you next time, bye!!!

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