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Stop eating outside:This is what some food vendors add to their ingredients to win more customers

Thanks for clicking this article,please follow AkuaNews for all your information.Food is anything liquid or solid,which when taken it into the body,promote growth,provides heat and energy and regulate the body's processes.In Ghana the commonest way people enjoy their meals is by eating outside.Some people prefer to eat outside instead of the house.Others also prefer to eat at home instead of outside.Those who usually eat outside are mostly spinsters who do not have any spouse to cook for them.There are so many different food which are sold outside in this country.I think almost all the towns and villages in Ghana,food vendors from about one or two will be seen in almost all the villages and towns in this country.

A report was out recently claiming that some of the food vendors add foreign materials as part of the ingredients in the preparation of their food just to get more consumers to consume their food.According to the report reaching us clearly redefines that,most of the food vendors use foreign things like water from dead bodies,others also collect oil from some ritualists and add to the ingredients use in the preparation of the meals.When I heard this news,I became very sad.I did not even think of that in this country.How can some of the citizens in this country behave that way.I think God is watching all of us.Please send your comments coming,like and share this article.Thanks for reading this article,please follow AkuaNews for all your information.

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