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Why Red is used in majority of food restaurant logos, (KFC)

Why Red is used in majority of food restaurant logos.

The color red is a very powerful color. It is a very strong and significant color just as we all know. It usually represents love, blood, seriousness and anger.

But one good fact a lot of people don't know is that the color red has an effect for inner cravings. Which means it has the intensity to attract people to desire. The food scientists thought of this and that is why many companies use this colour in the design of their logos.

Let's take for instance when you walk by a McDonald or KFC shop, the sides of the eye focuses on the red part of their logo and then you turn to look at the bigger picture.You then decide to go in for it because of the impression the color has created on your minds.

The color red also shows love to the people. Let's look at valentines day celebration, the color red plays a good role during that festive season and also when blood is needed to be donated.

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