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How to make the perfect traditional Ebunuebunu

Ebunuebunu soup is a well known green soup native to the Akan individuals from Ghana. 

The most effective method to make Ebunuebunu (Cocoyam leaves soup) 

The most effective method to make Ebunuebunu (Cocoyam leaves soup) 

Ebunubunu is fundamentally a Light Soup base blended in with easily mixed Nkontonmire (cocoyam leaves) which normally gives it that green tone. 


2 Bunches of Nkontonmire 

Dry River fish (Faan loo) 

4 huge tomatoes 

2 medium-sized onions 

Bean stew pepper otherwise known as Kpakposhito (however much you want) 

4 Giant African Snails 

Goat meat 

1 Tablespoonful of Lemon Juice 


1 Maggi 3D square 


Mix together tomatoes, onions and pepper. Put away 

Flavor up the goat meat with ginger and onions; ideally the prior night. 

Heat up the snails in the shell. Pry them from the shell. The Giant African Snails are extremely disgusting flavorful animals. However, the sludge can get yucky. Sprinkle a liberal measure of salt over them and work it through with your hand for around 2 minutes. Wash under chilly water and pour the lemon juice over it. The tenacity is highly decreased and the tissue nearly feels dry. 

Wash the stream fish, which will in general have grains of sand stuck inside its gills and mid-region. 

Wash the leaves under running water and strip the leaves from the veiny stem. Bubble for under 10 minutes. Mix easily, and put away. 

Spot a profound pot on the oven and add the goat meat. Steam the meat well as you most likely are aware how intense our Billy and Nanny goats are. 

Add the snails. Empty the mixed tomato blend into the steaming meats and mix for around 2 minutes and pour a liberal measure of water into the container. Well until the meat is shrouded and is mostly in the container. Some decide to strainer the tomatoes however that is nutritious debris being discarded. 

Add the dry stream fish so it cooks with the soup and take it out for some other time. This I discover keeps the fish from destroying. Bubble for around 20 minutes. Add 1 solid shape of Maggi for spicing. 

The light soup ought to be about prepared. Pour in the mixed Nkontonmire. Top up with more water. 

Add salt to taste. Permit another 5-10 minutes for conclusive cooking time. 

Present with fufu, rice or any starch food of your decision.

Content created and supplied by: MaameEstee (via Opera News )

Dry Ebunuebunu Giant African Snails Maggi Nkontonmire


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