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The Benefits Of Eating Palava Sauce

The Advantages Of Eating Palava Sauce 

In our Ghanaian social setting, the advancement of numerous nearby and customary dishes have made most individual miracle which assortments one can pick running from our neighborhood Breakfast to Lunch and in conclusion Dinner. 

A few assortments incorporate Hausa Koko, Obla3yo, Tom Earthy colored, Wheat, Waakye, Rice, Kenkey with Fish, Banku with Tilapia or Okro Stew, Omotuo with Groundnut Soup, Sweet potato with Palava Sauce among others. 

In the present version on GBafrica Formula we will edify our perusers about how to plan Palava Sauce prevalently called Kontomire Stew. 

Palava Sauce can be delighted in as a primary supper with bubbled sweet potato, bubbled rice and some other backup you can consider. 

How about we begin: 


Kontomire (a bowl full) 

Palm oil 

One little size salmon 

One medium size of momone or pungent fish 

Two table spoon loaded with agushie 

Four fingers of pepper 

Three medium size of tomatoes 

Three medium size of onions 

One tablespoon of salt 


Wash and cook your perfectly cut kontomire for three minutes. Check on the off chance that it is cooked on all sides by blending. Strain water as well as permit to sit. 

Plan tomatoes stew like some other stew and add washed momone to it before blending in grounded fixings. Include salmon by breaking it into little pieces. 

Add one tablespoon salt to agushie in a different bowl with water and blend well to get a think surface. Mix for a couple of moments and empty step by step into stew ablaze. Spread it, lower warmth and permit to cook for five minutes, mix a while later. 

Add cooked kontomire to stew. 

Taste for salt and permit to stew for around five minutes. Fit to be served. 

Why we ought to eat Palava Sauce. 

Palava Sauce is perhaps the most advantageous feast we have here in Ghana. Without Agushie, you can utilize soya bean powder as a substitute. Palava sauce has a great deal of medical advantages and some include: 

Brings down pulse. 

Improves blood flow because of its lavishness in iron 

Brings down Cholesterol. 

Useful for weight lost. 

Assembles psychological insight in youngsters.

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