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'See What This Man Saw In A Fufu And Soup He Bought At Eastern Region

After posting a picture of the dish he was eating, in which he discovered a piece of meat that resembled a human hand, Nurudeen ignited the internet and shocked social media users. The post has received a lot of online feedback. The man posted this enigmatic and humorous incident to his social media account to seek explanations.

In the article, this man mentioned that he noticed a hand in the fufu he had just bought at a local slash bar. Given that the image features all five fingers, much like a human body, it actually seems pretty alarming. The message says:

To end the day's quest with some loaded fufu and bush meat, I headed to this chop bar in the eastern part of the country, and this is what I got. Can you picture doing all of this for bush meat? Up till I encountered someone has fingers in my soup, the meat tasted off. The fufu had concluded by then.

Many social media users have expressed their opinions about the post. Some believe it to be a different species, such as a bush animal rather than a human, while others were simply shocked and amazed.

A picture of the post is seen here;


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Fufu Nurudeen


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