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Make a cup of lemon grass tea; drink three times daily to solve this issue - Learn more

The most well known toenail fungus infections are Paranoychia or Onychomycosis. Generally mild infection at early phase hardly bring discomfort, however there may be discoloration of toenail, thick nails and nails breakage. Fungal infections occur on the toenails and fingernails. Dermatophytes are class of fungus that is responsible for Onychomycosis also known as toenail fungus. They are destructive because during the period of growth, they consume the keratin layer of the toe nail. The big toe and the small toe are mostly affected by dermatophytes. The toes are more prone to paranoychia. This fungus generally disfigured and discolored nails. Accurate care should be adopted to treating the infection.

Preventive tips

Ensure you take nutritional supplements most especially acidophilus supplements. Use one teaspoon of acidophilus on an empty stomach two times per day.

Multivitamins such as B- complex, vitamins A and E are highly beneficial.

Vitamin C and bioflavonoid increase body’s immunity against fungus infection.

Make it a habit of taking zinc because it increases immunity against fungi.

Never share your socks or shoes with anyone.

Ensure that you wash your feet two times a day, and then dry them completely, using a new towel each time.

Avoid scratching your feet.

Herbal remedies

Prepare a cup of chamomile tea and drink this 3 times in a day. The tea can also be applied on the affected toes by using cotton wool.

Prepare garlic extract by pounding garlic to make a paste and then squeeze out the juice. Take 6 teaspoonfuls every day. Alternatively, you can just put that raw garlic into blender and have them crushed to make a paste. Remove dirt from your feet and then dust your feet with garlic extract.

Soak some fresh ginger root in eight ounces of water for about 20 minutes. Ginger is known to contain about 20 different anti fungal substances. Take a cup of ginger tea 3 times per day. Also you can apply ginger tea directly to the affected areas; soak a cotton wool into the solution and apply it to the area for about 5 times per day.

Apply 5 drops of Goldenseal tincture to juice; drink for three times per day. Also you can soak some dried goldenseal in a cup of water for about twenty minutes to prepare a tea. Sieve the tea and apply with cotton ball to the infected toes three times per day.

Make a cup of lemon grass tea; drink three times daily. In the same vein, the tea bag can be placed on the affected parts.

Prepare a tea from Pau d’arco and drink three times daily. It improves both the lymphatic and immune systems.

Make a mixture of four teaspoon of tea tree, four teaspoon of lavender tincture, four tablespoon of pau d’arco tincture, 4 ounces of vinegar and one-eight teaspoon of peppermint mixture. Then add this mixture to sufficient amount of warm water. The resulting mixture will serve as a healing solution for your feet. Apply the treatment three times per day. You should make sure that you dry your feet immediately after the treatment. 

Measure out turmeric oil and water in ratio one to two and mix them together. Apply using a cotton ball immerse in the solution to clean the affected area three times per day. It speeds up the healing process. Also you can use turmeric extra (300mg) orally three times in a day.

Prepare a bowl of warm water and add 10 drops of tea tree oil to it. Immerse your feet for about 20 minutes in it and then dry your feet fully. Use little drops of oil to massage the infected feet directly. Caution: This oil should never be taken orally.

Make a foot wash by using adding 10 drops of myrrh oil to a bowl of warm water. Immerse your feet in it for a period of twenty minutes. Do this three times daily. Caution: Do not apply myrrh when you are pregnant.

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