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How To Prepare Ebunu Soup

This soup is related with the Akan clan from Ghana and is popularly called Ebunu Ebunu which literally means green green. The soup is produced using cocoyam leaves (called kontomire in Akan) which gives the green shade of the soup.


The meat of your choice

Dried/smoked fish

Dried/smoked mackerel


3 pepper

2 medium tomatoes

2 medium onions

2 clove garlic

4 cups spinach/cocoyam leaves

I teaspoon of peanut butter/groundnut past




How to Prepare Ebunu Ebunu

Put your spinach in a pan and cook. Eliminate after 5 mins when it relax

In another pan, put in the entirety of your meats and on a moderate hotness, steam for certain diced onions. Add some salt and Maggie to taste

Cleave a few onions and mix with pepper and ginger to make a zesty blend

Empty the mixed pepper blend into the pan that has the steam meat. Add new tomatoes and onions into the steam to appropriately cook. Permit cooking for something like 10 mins

Whenever this is done, channel cooked spinach and mix with a spoon of nut

Empty the mixed spinach blend into the soup and add somewhere around 6 cups of water into the soup

Eliminate the cooked onions and tomatoes from the soup and mix it together. Empty the mixed blend once more into the soup.

Wash the smoked fish and add to the soup

Presently, pass on it to cook for somewhere around 20 minutes. Add some salt or Maggie to taste in view of the underlying added water

A while later, add the prekese to taste and allow it to cook for 5 mins.

On the off chance that the taste is great, soup is prepared to serve.

Content created and supplied by: OhemaaLena2 (via Opera News )

Akan Ebunu Ghana cocoyam


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