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Taking this type of milk can lead to kidney problem- Dietician Kessewaa

As today was set aside of the celebrating of World Milk Day on June 1st, which came from the fact that many countries were already celebrating World Milk Day on or around this date. A date in late May was originally proposed, but some countries felt that they already had too many holidays around this time. As a result, June 1st became the special day dedicated to milk.

World Milk Day puts a lot of attention on milk and does a great job in publicising activities connected with the milk industry.

Madame kesewaa Addo a registered Dietician, speaking on Utv television on Adeakyene Nsroma program on a topic " Fact And Myths About Milk Intake" held by Yaa Kramah.

Dietician Kessewaa Addo said, milk is one of food that contain major food nutrient such as calcium, protein, carbohydrate, fat, zinc, vitamin D, B12 etc.

She also stated that, the lack of few intake of milk during your childhood era is what lead to lactose intolerance which is usually caused by a deficiency of an enzyme in the body called lactase. She added anybody can take milk, both young and old gender and even a diabetes patients but in moderate and balance way.

She said, Evaporated and Whole milk is rich in taste and contains milk fat and It is higher in calories, which is very difficult for babies to digest, and giving excess to children especially those below one year can one way or other let them get kidney problems, so parents should talk to their healthcare practitioners to give them a recommended type the baby can take and also for those who want to gain weight can take this type of milk. She again said, Low fat milk and skim milk contains just low calories which appears to be a healthier option for those who want to maintain their weight or lose weight.

She added the benefit of milk, which are; 1. Help eliminate Heartburn, 2. Reduce stress, 3. Lose or gain weight, 3. For health bones and teeth, 4. Boost our energy 5. Grow our muscles. Etc.

Dietician kessewaa advice everyone to seek advice and regular visit their dieticians during their check up for the benefit of their health, and for those who are having allergic to milk or those facing some diseases can consult their dietician to give them the recommend milk they can take because, not all the type of milk will be suitable for them. Please you help share to other to educate the public thank you.

(Madame kessewaa Addo is exceptional from this write up).

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