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Spice up your PBJ sandwiches

Peanut butter and jam a la waffle

In the event that you have a waffle creator, you can brighten up your PBJ sandwiches by transforming them into PBJ waffles. Regardless of whether you need to make waffles and slather some peanut butter and jam on top or simply need to press your sandwich in the waffle creator, the decision is yours. Simply make sure to shower some nectar over it to add some additional character.

The congenial twin: Almond margarine and nectar

Need a PBJ sandwich, yet are looking for a better other option? Attempt almond margarine and nectar all things considered. Almond margarine is more nutritious than it's nut counter and nectar regularly has less sugar than jam. Assuming you need to include another component that actually makes your sandwich solid, add cuts of banana to your sandwich for added flavor, surface and pleasantness.

Peanut butter and jam a la tortilla

On the off chance that you don't have a waffle creator however have tortillas from making quesadillas a couple of days prior, use them to make a PBJ wrap or peanut butter and jam dilla all things considered. It's an alternate interpretation of the exemplary sandwich and can be eaten warm or cold — simply scrape by anyway you need. You can even substitute the peanut butter for cream cheddar and make yourself a cheddar and jam wrap or tortilla.

Make it your own: Spice it up

There are numerous ways you can make PBJ sandwiches your own. Maybe, you favor a mash in your sandwich or truly need to flavor things up. Take a stab at adding an extra layer of bread in your sandwich and have one slice of bread with peanut butter, one more with jam and afterward your top cut. Add hot sauce assuming you need your PBJ to have a kick or trade your run of the mill jam for an alternate character — you could do likewise with your nut spread and your sort of bread. Add potato chips, pretzels, granola or some other crunchy part to your sandwich. Test out various things. You'll never realize what may turn into your go-to PBJ nibble.

Get imaginative in the kitchen and make your own version of a scrumptious PBJ. Possibly, it'll be a PBJ formula you make for your children later on and keep the bite time custom going.

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Almond PBJ


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